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Gilmore Girls Challenge - It's No Contest
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17th-Dec-2005 02:24 pm(no subject)
[misc] postsecret heart
I love this episode and couldn't resist making some icons :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Caps by _jems_. Feel free to use these, just comment if taking and credit justineith. Textless icons aren't blanks and hotlinking is not cool. Check out projectcake for more of my graphics.

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17th-Dec-2005 11:20 am - Road Trip to Harvard
8 icons.
comment/credit/dont hotlink
caps by _jems_

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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14th-Dec-2005 03:06 pm - Reminder
Kitty: Angry Calico
Wow, you all! This challenge is almost over and yet, no one's posted! :( I'm sure the holidays are keeping everyone busy, but if you can participate in the current challenge, Road Trip to Harvard, that'd be great!

Caps are here if you need them.

Spread the Gilmore love!
6th-Dec-2005 05:51 pm - Episode 2.04 : Road Trip To Harvard
A New Challenge! Let's contribute everyone!

Road Trip To Harvard

To escape everyone's reaction to the news of the broken engagement, Lorelai and Rory hit the road, and stumble upon the bed and breakfast from hell before eventually arriving at Harvard, where Rory gets a taste of college life and Lorelai muses over what might have been; Lane comes home loaded with bootlegs from Seoul; Lorelai breaks into tears when she sees the chuppah that Luke made for her; Luke commiserates with Lorelai even though he's secretly overjoyed to hear that the wedding's off; Lorelai decides to get serious about making her dream of opening an inn a reality.

Caps by _jems_ (be sure to credit _jems_ if using these!)
Opposites are polar
GilmoreGirls.org Caps

Be sure to put the episode name in the subject of your post. :) Also, please avoid linking these challenge posts to any posts with GG spoilers from the current season. :)

What if I've already made a ton of stuff for this episode? What can I do?

If you've already made graphics or stuff for Road Trip To Harvard, feel free to post them here! We'd love to see some new stuff, but if you don't have time and just want to participate, feel free to post the old ones! Remember, icons, wallpapers, mood themes, vids, banners--anything goes, as long as it was made from this episode!

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Challenge ends... December 18th. :D
5th-Dec-2005 10:39 am - Reminder!
Kitty: Angry Calico
Don't forget to get all of your stuff in for Red Light on the Wedding Night because a new challenge should be posted very, very soon! And we haven't had NEAR enough participation in this comm!! Please participate, and get others to join too!
3rd-Dec-2005 10:00 am - Red Lights on the Wedding Night
zooey ; don't talk about chances
[27] Harry Potter
-----[14] GOF
-----[13] POA
[8] Gilmore Girls
[2] Grey's Anatomy


icons galore
28th-Nov-2005 12:31 pm - 2x03 - Red Light on The Wedding Night
Fashion / Random
my first time posting and i only made 6 icons for this episode.

(Where you lead, i will follow)</b></a>
27th-Nov-2005 02:33 pm - 2x03 - Red Light on The Wedding Night
Frank side glance
7 icons.
As usual, comment/credit/don't hotlink/don't alter.
Thank you.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com++Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The rest is here.
26th-Nov-2005 12:19 pm - 2.02 Hall of Fame
Hey everyone! I'm catty_laughs, one of your new mods, and I'm really excited to be a part of this community. Please please please promote this community! It'll be so awesome when we have tons of people participating in the challenges. As of right now, this hall of fame only includes two icon makers... hopefully, next challenge we'll have more. Remember, you don't have to make a huge batch on icons. You can make at least two! And how much time is that going to take out of your busy lives? So, get icon making!

Moderator's Hall of Fame: Hammers and VeilsCollapse )
13th-Nov-2005 12:04 pm - 2x02 Hammers and Veils
Frank side glance
Only 7 really simple icons.
Comment.Credit.Don't hotlink.Don't edit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com++Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The rest is here
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